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Client Reviews:

Kelly A.
Dacula, Ga.

White Glove Cleaning is superb!  They pay attention to detail and go above and beyond what is required.  On several occasions my closet was a wreck:  shoes all over so much that you couldn't see the floor!  Well, they took time to remove the shoes to vacuum the closet and then proceeded to organize my shoes and the closet looked great afterward.  In addition, they take time to dust knick knacks rather than dust around them like so many other services tend to do.  Further, the one time I had an issue Toni was amazing in getting it rectified and didn't make me feel bad about asking them to come back to do my floors.  In 4 years of service that one floor problem is the only issue I've ever had!  Finally, my husband and I both work hectic  jobs and have to juggle our son's never ending sports schedules year round.  This means I often need to reschedule appointments -- and never once has Toni complained even though I'm sure I'm a pain in the butt sometimes!  =)  The customer service and attention to detail in cleaning can't be beat!  Highly recommend!  

Joseph L.
Lawrenceville, Ga.

The crew from White Glove Cleaning is fantastic! I am a single guy and I have them come clean monthly. They do my laundry when I need it done and they put the dishes in the dishwasher even though it is not part of their service. They have been coming for 4 years and I plan to keep them coming. I highly recommend them.

Raylene C.
Lawrenceville, Ga.

Very impressed with this company.  The person cleaning was extremely thorough and pleasant.  Had a deep cleaning done and would definitely refer them as well as use them again.

Frank B.
Woodstock, Ga.

I'm a sloppy bachelor, who likes to entertain a lot and White Glove Cleaning keeps me looking good.  I have a big house, which after one of my party-hearty parties, can sometimes look like the day-after scene from the movie, "Animal House".  From the obvious spill stains in the carpet and hand prints on everything, to guys missing the toilet, to the not so obvious, White Glove doesn't miss a thing; They take the time, and by the time they're done cleanig up after me, they make me look like a fastidious neat-knick living in a museum, with nothing out of  place.  White Glove is very affordable and there's no after party of mine that's been too tough for them.  In addition to specialty after party cleaning, they also have me on a regular maintenance program that helps keep my house looking picture perfect all the time; and if they can make me look good, they can make anyone great!  They are prompt, curteous,and professional.  I use The Perfect White Glove regularly and highly recomend them.

Angie B.
Suwanee, Ga

Highly recommend.  Reliable and detailed service.

Becky R.
Lawrenceville, Ga

They do maintenance cleaning for me on a monthly basis and a deep cleaning about every 6 months. I am very pleased with the quality of work this company provides. They always try to accommodate my request even if it is at the last minute. My home always looks and smells clean every time.

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